Treasure Island: Episodes 1 & 2: Multiple Choices - هەڵبژاردنی- دورگەی گەنجینە- بەشی ١ و ٢

Q. Choose the correct option: 

1. Dr Livesey was afraid of the squire because..............

    A- he couldn’t keep a secret.                      B- he was a coward.

    C- he was Flint's shipmate.                         D- he was tall and strong.

2. The information in which one of the following is correct?

    A- The red cross in the south-west showed where the bulk of treasure is.

    B- The second red cross showed where the bulk of treasure is.

    C- The red cross in the south-west showed where some weapons are buried.

    D- The third red cross showed where some silver is buried.

3. The squire went to Bristol to................ .

    A- search for Flint's treasure.                            B- find the ship's cook.

    C- buy a ship and hire the crew.                       D- look for the pirates.

4. The old captain, Bill, used attack Dr Livesey.

    A- his sword       B- his knife       C- his stick      D- his pistol

5. When Bill was telling his stories, he........... .

    A- cried a lot for his old shipmates                    B- ordered everyone to hear in silence   

    C- went out to the beach with his telescope       D- spoke in a low voice

6. Which statement is true?

    A- The captain often drank much rum and sang his old, wild sea-songs.

    B- The captain was a silent person and did not drink at all.

    C- The captain didn't drink much rum, but sang his old, wild sea-songs.

    D- The captain sang too much for Jim so that he would bring him rum for free.

7. "It’s my old sea-chest they want. If I can’t get away, you go to – well, yes – you go to the doctor." This is said .

     A- Jim/Dr Livesey       B- the captain/Jim       C- Pew/Jim      D- Dr Livesey/Pew

8. Who said the following speech and to whom?

"That’s a sort of warning, mate. If I get the black spot, it means they are coming to get me and what I’ve got."

     A- The captain to Jim.                            B- The captain to Dr Livesey.

     C- Dr Livesey to the squire.                   D- Pew to the captain.

9. "It was the hardest, coldest voice I had ever heard. I was so frightened" This speech is said by............and when he describes............... .

    A- the blind man/Black Dog                     B- Dr Livesey/the captain

    C- Jim/the blind man                               D- the captain/the blind man

10. Dirk's whistle meant that.................. .

    A- the captain has returned to the inn.     B- he has seen Jim and his mother.

    C- he has seen someone coming.             D- Pew's men are fighting each other.

11. 'A tall, strong man with eyebrows that were very black and moved a lot when he spoke.'

This statement is a description of whom?

    A- the squire       B- the captain        C- Black Dog        D- the doctor

12. Jim didn't go to Dr Livesey and leave her mother alone, because............. .

     A- his mother was sick                           B- his mother's safety was his priority  

     C- his mother asked him to stay             D- the pirates didn't let him go

13. Choose the true statement:

     A- No one from the village wanted to return with Jim and his mother to the Inn.

     B- Everyone from the village wanted to return with Jim and his mother to the Inn.

     C- No one from the village wanted to return with the blind man to the Inn.

     D- Ten men from the village came with Jim and his mother to the Inn.

14. The old sailor's stories were about.............. .

     A- storms at sea        B- terrible crimes        C- A and B        D- None of these

15. In the fight between Bill and Black Dog, ...............

     A- Bill was injured and Black Dog had a stroke. 

     B- Black Dog was injured and Bill had a stroke.

     C- No one was injured.

     D- Both Bill and Black Dog were injured.

16. The sea-chest contained.............. .

     A- two pistols and an old sword.

     B- a pistol, three knives, a Chinese watch, silver, gold and map of an island.

     C- only a bag of coins.

     D- a folded suit, some pistols, silver, an old Spanish watch and a packet covered in cloth.

17. Who said this speech and where? "Let’s take what he owed us, and not a penny more."

     A- Jim at the Hall.                                       B- Pew at the Admiral Benbow.

     C- Jim's mother at the Admiral Benbow.    D- Jim and his mother at the village.

18. Pew accused Jim of.............. .

     A- taking the captains papers.                B- stealing the captain's money.

     C- killing the captain.                             D- being a pirate.

19. Who is the main character in Treasure Island?

     A- Dr Livesey      B- Long John Silver       C- Jim       D- Mr Trelawney

20. Robert Louis Stevenson was a............... .

     A- novelist         B- poet        C- travel writer         D- All of them

21. ..............: This was the thing that the pirates wanted and Jim had it.

     A- Map of England                                   B- The captain's old Spanish watch

     C- Map of Treasure Island                        D- Billy Bone's account book

22. Who said the following and about whom? ''He was the most dangerous pirate that ever sailed.''

    A- The doctor about Pew.                      B- The squire about Flint. 

    C- Jim about Silver.                               D- The captain about Black Dog.

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