Treasure Island: Multiple Choices - دورگەی گەنجینە: نمونەی هەڵبژاردن

1-What is the sign of death to the pirates?

        a-the black spot       b-skeleton island      

        c-captain flint            d-the admiral Ben Bows

2-Who went to Bristol to buy a ship?

        a-Dr.Livesey        b-the squire      c-Jim       d-Black dog

3-What was the name of the ship’s cook?

       a-Mr.Arrow     b-Blandly      c-long John silver      d-Captain smollet

4-What was the name of long John Silver’s parrot?

       a-Hispaniola     b-captain Flint    c-captain Bill     d-pieces of eight

5-All of the following are true about Black Dog except

       a-he wore a sword in his belt      b-two fingers were missing from his left hand

       c-one of his legs is missing          c-his skin was an unpleasant color

6-What happened to the captain Billy Bones?

      a-he was killed      b-ha had a stroke     c-he was wounded   d-he run away

7-The blind man’s purpose in coming to the inn was to----------------------

      a-look for Black Dog                   b-ask the captain to join his crew

      c-give the captain a warning     d-find out who Jim Hawkins was 

8-Who accompanies Jim and his mother back to the inn?

      a-only one old man         b-no one       c-two men from the village      d-a woman

9-Jim’s reason for going to Dr.Livesey was to -----------

       a-hide from the pirates                                 b-give the papers to him

        c-get the medical treatment for his mother      d-tell him that the captain was dead. 

10-Who was captain Flint?

           a-the squire’s cousin        b-a pirate        c-a doctor     d-a soldier

11-The name of the ship was-------------

            a-blandly      b-Bristol         c-Hispaniola        d-spyglass

12-All the following are true about Long John Silver except:

         a-ha had only one leg                                       b-he would be the ship’s cook                                              

         c-he helped the squire gathered the crew       d-he had no money

13-Who did Jim see in long John Silver’s inn?

          a-Pew        b-Black dog       c-Dr.Livesey        d-Billy Bones

14-What was the problem with the first mate, Mr.Arrow?

        a-he drank too much          b-he overworked the men

        c-he had one leg                 d-he threatened the men with his sword

15-According to Long John Silver, where were most of captain Flint’s men?

         a-dead and buried       b-at treasure island     c-on board the Hispaniola    d-in Bristol

16-silver was disappointed when he looked at captain Smollett’s map because------

       a-it was not the treasure map        b-he realized that he had come to the wrong island

       c-there weren’t any red crosses and the written notes on it.

17-What did the Blind man give Billy?

        a-the black spot     b-the treasure map     c-some money    d-none of them

18-Who was the captain of the treasure island voyage?

        a-Billy Bones     b-Silver       c-Smollett       d-Mr.Arrow

19-Where was Jim when he overheard silver’s plan for mutiny?

        a-in the stockade     b-in the spy glass inn    c-in the apple barrel     d-in the cabin

20-On the journey to treasure island ,who fell overboard on the ship?

        a-Long John Silver     b-Mr.Arrow      c-Israel Hands       d-no one

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