Treasure Island: Multiple Choices - دورگەی گەنجینە: نمونەی هەڵبژاردن

1-The narrator of treasure island is------------------

a-Dr.livesey   b-Mrs.Hawkins    c-Jim Hawkins     d- Black Dog

3-Jim’s father was -------------

a-a farmer     b-a lawyer     c-an innkeeper       d- a doctor

4-Jim’s father died of--------------

a-illness      b-sudden stroke       c-bleeding      d- cancer

4-The story of treasure island began in--------------

a-the spyglass inn                            b-the board on Hispaniola     

c-the admiral Ben Bow inn             d- the stockade

5-------------this was the place where Jim lived with his parents.

a-Admiral Ben Bow inn      b-stockade        c-The spy Glass inn   d- the Hall

6-Admiral  BenBow was -----------------

a-an inn owned by Jim’s father          b-a restaurant owned by Squire Trelawney

c-an inn owned by long John Silver.    d- a ship owned by Smollett

7-The name of the inn that Jim’s father owned was ---------------

a-Spy glass    b-Admiral Benbow    c-Hispaniola       d- Treasure island

8---------------this was the old sailor who arrived one day and decided to stay in the Admiral Ben Bow inn.

a-Billy Bones       b-Long John Silver       c-Black dog      d- Redruth

9-Billy gave Jim  money every month------------------

 a-to guard his map                                          b-to bring him rum  

 c-to be on the lookout for Billy’s enemy.       d- to help him in his work

10-Where was Billy when he received the black spot?

a-on the road    b-in the inn      c-on the ship     d- on the cliffs

11-The name of the thing that blind man, Pew delivers to the captain, which kills him  was----------

a-the black spot      b-the blue star       c-the black stick     d- the magic mirror

12-How did Billy Bones die?

a-silver killed him                      b-from a stroke     

c-he was hanged for piracy        d- None of these

13-Jim was paid to watch a man with this description---------------

a-a blind man      b-a man with tattoos    c-a man with only one leg    d- all of these

14-Jim was paid ----------------each month to watch out for a one legged man.

a-four penny coin     b-six pence     c-a golden guinea    d- two pounds

16-------------this was where the old sailor went with his telescope to watch the ships.

a-the spy glass hill      b-the cliffs      c-the stockade       d- treasure island

17--------------This was the person who visited to help Jim’s father when he became ill.

a-Black dog      b- Dr.Livesey     c-Billy       d- Trelawney

18--------------This was the man who came to see ‘his mate, Bill’ and later had a sword fight with him.

a-black dog      b-long John Silver      c-Dr.Livesey     d- Gray

19-which pirate was  blind?

a-Long John silver    b-Billy Bones    c-Black dog    D-Pew

20-He had long hair and he wore an old blue coat. He had a long scar across one cheek and he also had several tattoos on his arm.This is ------------description.

a- silver’s    b-captain Billy Bones’     c-the blind man’s     d- Israel Hand's

21------------carried two weapons a knife and a sword .He used the sword in a fight with Black dog.

a- Silver      b-Pew        c-the old sailor       d- Jim

22-The captain arrived with his sea chest one day and he---------------

a- decided to stay at the admiral Ben Bow inn      

b- decided to buy the admiral Ben Bow inn   

c- ordered everyone to drink rum

d- A and C

23-Billy Bone seemed to like the bay and its cliffs because----------------------

 a-it was cheap  

 b-it was quiet and he could watch the ships 

 c-it was quiet and he couldn’t watch the ships.

d- Both B & C

24----------was a sort of warning .If the captain got it, it means that the pirates were coming to get him and what he had got.

a-The black spot     b-The treasure map       c-The captain’s papers   d- the parrot

25--------------was a member of captain Flint’s crew, his skin was an unpleasant color and two fingers were missing from his left hand.

a-long John silver       b-Billy Bones      c-Black dog       d- none

26-Back at the inn every evening when Billy bones used to tell frightening stories   he-------------------  -  

 a-asked everyone to go out                        b- ordered everyone to hear in silence.

c- asked long John silver to be quiet         d- spoke in a very low voice.

27-The captain Billy Bones was nervous about other sailors especially worried about a sea man -----------

a-who was blind                                  b-who only had one leg     

c-who was missing two fingers          d- who was wearing a big hat

28-Although the captain won the fight and made Black dog run a way he----soon after that.

a- collapsed        b-died           c-had a rest      d- visited the doctor

29----------------was captain Flint’s first mate, and he was the only one that knew where the treasure was. (The place of Treasure Island)

a-captain Smollet      b-Black dog          c-Billy Bones     d- Long John

30-When Flint was dying he gave the treasure map to-------------

a-The squire           b-Jim Hawkins      c-The old sailor      d- Silver

31-“This is a pleasant quiet bay for an inn”. Who said this ---------

a-The ship’s cook        b-Squire           c-Billy Bones     d- none of these

32-“I promised to give you a silver four penny coin every month if you would keep an eye open for a sea men with one leg”. Who said this and to whom-----------

a-Long John Silver/Jim          b-Billy Bones/squire      

c-The old sailor/ Hawkins      d- Jim/Ben Gunn

33-“If you do not put that knife away, you will go to the next court, and will be hanged “who said---------------

a-Dr.Livesey          b-Billy               c-the ship’s cook     d- Redruth

34-“He’s made himself very ill with too much rum, but I’ll do my best to save his life”. This is said by-----------to--------

a-Dr.Livesey  / Mr.Arrow               b-Jim/Pew              

c-Dr.Livesey/Billy                          d- Gray/Alan

35-“I have one thing to say-if you go on drinking so much rum, then the world will soon be free of a very dirty scoundrel”

a-Dr.livesey told Jim                 b-Billy told long John silver    

c-Dr.Livesey told Billy             d- Dr Livesey told Jim's father

36-Flient was ---------------

a- A doctor        b-a lawyer        c-a pirate        d- a law officer

37-Black dog came to the admiral Bebbow inn, looking for --------------

a-the blind man      b-the captain Bill       c-Jim       d- Flint

38-When Dr.Livesey arrived and saw Bill lying on the floor ,he decided to -----

a-give him some rum              b-leave him alone    

c-save his life                          d- all of them

39-The captain used to hit his hand down hard on the table for----

a-fighting      b-silence       c-a glass of rum      d- A & C

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