Sunrise 12: First semester Exam in English - سەنڕایزی ١٢: تاقیکردنەوەی وەرزی یەکەم

Khanzad preparatory school for girls/First semester Exam in English

Read this passage then chose the right answer     6Ms

I was being tested for a driving license for the third time .I had been asked to drive in a heavy traffic and I had done so successfully. After having been instructed to drive out of town, I began to acquire confidence. Sure that I had passed, I was almost beginning to enjoy my test.The examiner must have been pleased with my performance, for he smiled and said, just one more thing, Mr. Hawkins. Let us suppose that a child suddenly crosses the road in front of you. As soon as I tap on the window I wanted the car to be stopped immediately. I continued driving after some time, the driver tapped loudly though the sound could be heard clearly, it took me a long time to react. I suddenly pressed the brake pedal hard and we were both throw forward .The examiner looked at me sadly.”Mr.Hawkins,”he said in a mournful voice, “you have just killed the child!

1-Mr.Hawkins reacts -------------

a-clearly         b-immediately        c-slowly         d-quickly

2-Which of the following is true?

a-The examiner asked Hawkins to press the brake hardly   

b-The examiner wanted Hawkins to tap on the window

c-The examiner asked Hawkins to drive in a heavy traffic    

d-The driver asked Hawkins to drive with confidence

3-The underlined sentence in the text expressing---------------

a-certainty in the present               b-possibility in the past   

c-certainty in the past                    d-possibility in present

4-“You have just killed the child” means--------------

a-Hawkins killed the child                b-Hawkins enjoyed the text   

c-Hawkins failed in the text             d-Hawkins pressed the brake

5-From the passage choose the synonym of awful  

a-pleased     b- performance    c-mournful     d-successful

6-When the examiner tapped on the window, he wanted---------------------

a-Mr. Hawkins be in a heavy traffic     b-the car to be stopped     

c-Mr. Hawkins to be tested                  d-to cross the road

Text book reading     6Ms

1-Erbil citadel is one of the most important places in the Middle East as----------------

a-the citadel stands on the mound                   b-humans have lived here for 8,000 years

c-the citadel investigates by archaeologist     d-the citadel stands at the centre of the city

2-The merchant buried his treasure in a cave-----------

a-protect it from an attack        b-carry it by camels        

c-leave it to the girls                 d-to be an old treasure

3-Lists and chart can help you----------------

a-write your schedules with revision and test dates      b-understand complicated ideas

c-write to do lists do not put things off                             d-do the most important things before others

4------------bought the island for just 500$ of goods.

A-European people       b-Dutch people       c-Native Americans      d-British people

5-The government wants to bring new life to citadel so-------------

a-the citadel is almost empty                          b-the building needs urgent repairs  

c-the mound may hold important secret      d-a conservation and development plan has been prepared

6-Plan your route to your goals: means students------------------

a-should prepare what’s necessary to achieve      b-should set priority 

c-should write to do lists                                            d-should choose goals carefully

Grammar    18 Ms

1-What ----------this time next year?

a-was you studying     b-should you be studying     c-are you study      d-will you be studying

2-I -----------some photos while I ------------the park.

a-took—am walking round                b-take—was walking round    

c-took—was walking round              d-took—was walk rounding

3-Choose the correct form of suggestion for given situation:

Tom: We have free time this weekend.     Dad:------------------------

a-Why not seeing George Clooney’s film?       B-Why not saw George Clooney’s film?

c-Why not see George Clooney’s film?          D-Why not you see George Clooney’s film?

4-The lesson ------------today.

a-could     b-could be       c-could be studying          d-could be studied

5-You have to take your luggage,----------------?

a-didn’t you     b-haven’t you     c-don’t you      d-aren’t you

6-What has the teacher done already? She------------------the papers.

a-will correct    b-has corrected     c-is correcting     d-corrected

7-The students--------------in the library yesterday.

a-might study      b-may have study      c-must study      d-may have studied

8-A lot of cars-------------------from BMW’s company every year.

a-are import    b-are imported    c-imported      d-are importing

9-Until Europeans ----------------arriving ,America had remained small.

a-starting       b-starts       c-started     d-to start

spelling     6Ms

1-Which of the following is a verb?                                       

 a-act                    b-actor                c-action           d-activity

2-The word tourist is shown as---------------                             

a-noun person   b-noun thing      c-adjective      d-verb

3-What is the prefix which makes the opposite of correct?

a-im                     b-in                     c-un                   d-ed

4-Which one is the correct spelling of the word?                  

a-organizetion  b-organization  c-organaztion  d-organazation

5-The adjective form of safety is--------------                            

 a-safe                  b-safety              c-safely             d-safer

6-The suffix that turns the verb discuss to a noun is -------    

a-ar                      b-est                   c-ion                   d-ist

Pronunciation  6Ms

1-The letter(s) is pronounced /ʃ/ in the word --------------------           

 a-please       b-measure      c-revision       d-dimension

2-The letters (gh) are silent in-----------------                                            

a-enough     b-rough           c-boroughs     d-cough

3-The sound /a:/ is found in------------                     

a-set              b-heart            c-early             d-feel                 

4-The letter (u) is pronounced /ᴧ/ in the word------------                      

a-trouble       b-turn              c-produce       d-product

5-whether : the underlined letters are pronounced as --------            

a-/t/                 b-/θ/               c-/ ð/               d-/h/


6-The vowel sound --------is found in perfume.                                      

a-/ɜ:/               b-/e/                 c-/i/                d-/ei/

Vocabulary   6Ms

1-From the top of the tower I had a wonderful -------of the city.      

a -sight         b-view            c-seen                d-vision

2-The children get-----------with staying indoors.                                  

a-bore          b-boring         c-bored               d-born

3---------------is a subject that students study at school.                      

a-biologist   b-biology        c-biologically    d-biological

4-Our teacher thinks and talks very-------------                                     

 a-different   b-difference   c-differently    d-differenter

5-Layla is going to -----------for English test.                                           

a-revision      b-revising       c-revise           d-revisely

6-------an important thing that must be done before other things.  

a-achieve       b-period         c-leaflet           d-priority  

Literary Reader    8Ms

1-------------This was the thing that the pirates wanted and Jim had it.

a-Billy’s account book             b-map of England     

c-Billy’s old Spanish watch    d-map of treasure island

2-He wore a sword in his belt and his skin was unpleasant color. This is a description of -----------------

a-the squire                                   b-the old captain     

c-black dog                                    d-blind man

3-When Silver said to Dick, you are a good gentleman of fortune .He means-----------------

a-Dick is an honest man     b-Dick is a ship’s mate    

c-Dick is a pirate                  d-Dick is a brave man

4-Dr. Livesey  was afraid of squire since--------------------

a-he was tall and strong                   b-he was an admiral    

c-he can’t keep a secret                    d-he was Flint’s ship mate

5-Israel hand and Silver disagree about ---------------------

a-the idea of taking the treasure from the squire and the others   

b-whether to kill the squire and the other

c-where he had loaded for supplies and water                                   

d-when to take the ship from Squire and the other

6-Silver’s future plan is to ------------------------

a-persuade Coxwain to be a pirate          b-take Bill’s treasure

c-kill Squire and the other                          d-live somewhere quietly with his wife

7-“It’s that boy .Why didn’t I take his eyes out? “On which occasion this speech said?

a-When Billy was dead                            b-When the sailors were fighting

c-When Flint’s writing disappearing     d-When the horses came down of the hill

8-“but we are all sailors on board this ship”said by-----------

a-Long John Silver    b-captain Smollet     c-Israel hands       d-Dick

9-Write a paragraph about  (the old captain)


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