Sunrise 12, second semester-2015 - سەنڕایزی ١٢، تاقیکردنەوەی وەرزی دووەم-٢٠١٥

KHanzad High school for girls                  Kurdistan Regional Government-Iraq                        Date:22/4/2015

                                      English Examination/second semester/First Sitting          

                                                              Time:2 hours                  

For questions(1-5)read the text carefully and then choose the correct answer.

Speech is a great blessing but it can also be a great curse, for while it helps us to make our intentions and desires known to our fellows, it can also, if we use it carelessly, make our attitude completely misunderstood. A slip of the tongue, the use of an unusual word, or of an ambiguous word, and so on, may create an enemy where we had hoped to win a friend. Again, different classes of people use different vocabularies, and the ordinary speech of an educated may strike an uneducated listener as pompous. Unwittingly, we may use a word which bears a different meaning to our listener from what it does to men of our own class. Thus speech is not a gift to use lightly without thought, but one which demands careful handling. Only a fool will express himself alike to all kinds and conditions to men. 

1-The best way to win a friend is to avoid

A- listening in speech       b- ambiguity in speech    c-using vocabulary   d-none of them

2-While talking to an uneducated person, we should use

A-ordinary speech             b- his vocabulary              C- simple words       d- unusual word

3-If one used the same style of language with everyone, one would sound

A-foolish                            b-difference                      c-careful                    d- none of them

4-A 'slip of the tongue' means something said

A-to use unusual word     b- unintentionally    c-without giving proper thought    d- to create an enemy

5-Speech can be curse, because it can

A- hurt others      B- lead to carelessness     c-create misunderstanding     d- help us to make our intentions

6-In today’s world, not many countries would risk giving up their weapons because---------

a-humans always try to do the impossible    b-arguments over resources like water are getting more dangerous

 c-looking for other worlds is important in the long term. d-none

7-Another solution to the food crisis may be hydroponics,-------to provide the nutrients and oxygen that plants need.

a-which uses soil not liquids     b-which uses liquids and soil      c-which uses liquids not soil   d-none

8-After -------years of work School net was started made open for everyone to use in----------

a-two/1999            b-ten/1999           c-twenty/2000           d-two/1991

9-Saddam used horrific chemical weapons,--------

a-First on Halabja and then on Shekh wassanan and balisan   b- on both of them at the same time

c-First on shekh wassanan and Balisan then on Halabja           d-only on Halabja

10-The rising human population means too many animals, and so --------

a-the water turns salty                        b-the plant cover is all being eaten

  c-the land will become desert         d-the earth will get hotter and drier

11-Carla green used to work as ----------on a telephone helpline for young people with emotional problems.

a-a website designer    b-a help-desk adviser      c-a volunteer      d-a technical training 

12-The right noun for the word (DEFINE) is   --   a-defination    b-defineation    c-definsion   d-definition

13-Only 50 percent of the land is ----                   a-productive    b-productively    c-product    d-production

14-The word (realistic) is ---                                   a-a verb             b-an adverb        c-a noun      d-an adjective

15-Micky mouse remained perhaps Walt Disney’s most famous---  a-creation  b-creator c-created  d-creater

16- A synonym for (although) is--                          a-thought         b-through         c-though      d-almost

17-The word (intend) means:---    

a-to ask someone for information            b-to have a plan in your mind to do something

c-to choose one thing before others        d-right for a certain purpose

18-The words that go with (wide/atmospheric) are—

a-experience/solutions     b-emissions/experience      c-experience/emissions     d-solution/experience

19--------means, right for a certain purpose, person or situation.     A-suitable      b-return     c-solve   d-inquire

20-She said that she------the exams the day before.       a-takes      b- had taken     c-took      d-is taking

21-I------basketball as long as my hand hurt.    A-won’t play     b-wouldn’t play   c-hadn’t played     d-didn’t play

22-Store rain water to water garden flowers is an example of---     a-reducing   b-recycling  c-repairing  d-reusing

23-would you ------me to finish early tonight.         A-remember    b-remind    c-land      d-ground

24-We use the suffix-----to turn the verb (educate) into a noun person.       A-er        b-ar        c-or      d-r

25-Which of the following is the adjective?          A-differ      b-different       c-difference       d-differently

26-The letter (s) is pronounced as /z/ in---                                         a-corps       b-crisis          c-us            d-months

27-Which of the underlined letters are not pronounced as /i:/?   a-rebuild    b-pleasant    c-scheme   d-decrease

28- The correct ending sound for the word (crooked) is---              a-/t/            b-/d/             c-/k/            d-/id/ 

29-The letter (o) in (program) sounds like the vowel sound in which word?  A-focus    b-out    c-pot    d-proper

30-The letter (c) is not sounded as /ʃ/ in -----                         a-ocean      b-ancient     c-efficient      d-none of them

31-The sound /o:/ is not found in---                                    a-law          b-forget       c-saw          d-ashore

32-The plants will not grow well unless they get the soil’s nutrients.(this sentence is the same as---)

a-The plants will grow well if they don’t get the soil’s nutrients.

b-As long as the plants gets the soil’s nutrients, they will grow well.

c-If the plants won’t grow well, they get the soil’s nutrients.

d-As long as the plants get the soil’s nutrients ,they will grow well.

33-I come from a small country town, and I can’t get------in New york.

a-use to living    b-used to live    c-used to living      d-to used living

34-What -------?if things went badly?   A-you would do    b-you would have done  c-would you do  d-will you do

35-The sea covers %75 of the surface of the earth which means the land covers-----  

a-three quarters        b-a quarter         c-a half          d-a third

36-He -----his exams, if he------more. 

a-did not fail/’d learnt                            b-hadn’t failed/’d have learnt

 c-‘d learnt/would have not failed        d-would not have failed/’d learnt

37-I asked her a question but she refused-------.    A-answering   b-to answer   c-answered    d-to answering

38-The thief wore a mask so as not to be recognized.(this sentence is the same as---)

a-The thief wore a mask so that he won’t be recognized 

b-The thief wore a mask for the purpose of not been recognized

c-The thief doesn’t wore a mask in order to be recognized

d-The thief wore a mask so that he wouldn’t be recognized

39-The second conditional form for (we would have gone out if the weather hadn’t been so bad) is ----

a-If the weather wasn’t so bad ,we would go out   b-We would go out if the weather didn’t so bad

c-If the weather hadn’t so bad, we would go out    d-we would went out if the weather wasn’t so bad

40-----back home, he met his friends and invited them.

 A-Before geting         b-while I getting        c-After getting            d-Before I will get

41-A lot of trees ------after the snow -------.

  A-die/will melt          b-will die/melts          c - die/ will meltes      d-will die/meltes

42-This is an area------I really think.   A-when     b-why    c-where    d-who

43-Choose the right reported speech for(when I was young ,there were no cell phones.)

a-she told me when she had been young, there were no cell phones.

b-she told me I had been young, there had been no cell phones.

c-she told me when she had young, there were no cell phones.

d-she told me when she had been young, there had been no cell phones.

44-Choose the right out one.

a-The customers liked the waitress which was very friendly.

b-The crowd, who were making a lot of noise, were told to move on by the police.

c-The manager of the company, which I really liked, is visiting us next week.

d-The two service centers are the workshops who are used for repairing computer equipment.

45-In which sentence the relative pronoun is not necessary?

a-The help-desk advisers are the people who customers contact for it advice.

b-They are technical experts who can deal with most IT problem.

c-The receptionist is the person who answers phone calls to the company.

d-These are the new computers which are going to replace the old one.

46-It was interesting to hear Maria Delgado -------the discussion.

a-introducing     b-introduced     c-to introduce     d-was introduce

47-We have to keep looking for cures to the disease, we would then go on------ways of preventing it.

a-find                 b-finding               c-to find                d-found

48-A-choose the correct answer.   (6 Ms)

1-On the boats third and final trip on the shore,--------

a-Israel Hand and the other four men left behind the ship

 b-George Merry and the other five men left behind the ship

c-Israel Hand and the other three men left behind the ship.

d-the squire, the doctore,captain Smollet and two others left behind the ship

2-Just before the Hispaniola beached, it hit the shore violently and fell to one side, throwing-------

a-both Israel Hand and Jim to the deck    b-Israel Hand into the water

c-Both Israel Hand and captain Smollett to the deck    d-both men and Jim to the deck.

3-When the doctor told Silver to expect trouble, he meant that---------

a-the pirates would find the treasure    b-silver should save Jim

c-the pirates would find an empty hole instead of the treasure   d-the crew would leave Silver on the Island

B-Answer the following questions. 

1-Who was Ben Gunn? Describe him.   (3Ms)

2-What is he frightened about when he first sees Jim?  (2Ms)

3-How did he spend his thousand pounds share of the treasure? (2Ms)

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