Sunrise 12: Second season of 12th Examination - سەنڕایزی ١٢ پرسیارەکانی وەرزی دووەم لەسەر ٦٠

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Iraqi Kurdistan Region
12th Grade D Ranya Evening High-School Date: 7/5/2015
Second season of 12th Examination Time: 2 hours
Q1/A: Read this advertisement, then choose the correct answer: (4 marks)
VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT A leading private sector bank invites applications for the post of Trainee Assistant to be posted outside the Kathmandu Valley. The candidates should be young, graduate, below 26, from the discipline of Business/commerce/Economics with minimum 50% marks. The candidates must be fluent in both English and Nepali written /spoken. S/he must be a Nepali citizen and must have working knowledge of computer. Only short listed candidates will be called for written test and personal interview. Interested and deserving candidates may apply with full bio-data, 2 recent passport sized photos and names of two referees within 10 days from the date of this publication. P.O. box 6506, Kathmandu, Nepal.

1- The trainee assistants will be posted ____ the Kathmandu Valley.
(a. Outside, b. inside , c. on, d. over)
2- The candidates must be fluent in both _______ 
(a. English/Arabic b. English/ Nepali , c. English/Kurdish, d. English/ Philippines) 
Q1/B choose the correct answer then choose the correct choice: (8 marks)
3. Chris Carr worked as ______
(a. a museum director , b. a website designer c. soil scientist d. a newspaper reporter )
4. We have very limited resources produce the food we will need.
(a. more fruit and resist disease, b. corn and cotton, c. land and water, d. Hydroponics and GM) 
5. The ...............was invented by Tim Burners-Lee in 1991.
(a. telephone and photo phone b. Facebook , c. school net system d. world wide web )
6. Without the plant cover or the grassland the earth will get ................
(a. wetter and hotter , b. drier but cooler, c. both of them , d. none of them )
Q2A. Choose the correct sound symbol ,letter or word for each of the following : (8 marks)

7. The sound symbol ( /3:/ ) is found in ( a. sit, b. pepper, c. century, d. furniture )
8. The sound symbol (/e/) is found in (a. bird b. turn , c. mend , d. certain)
9. The word ( fun ) has this sound symbol: ( a. /fa:n/, b. /fʒn/ , c./fʊn/, d./fʌn/ )
10. The letter (o) in (sort) has this sound symbol: (a./Ͻ:/ b. /i:/ c. /e:/ d./u:/ 
Q2/ B Choose the correct word by writing the letter of the choice: (8 marks)
11. The word (ARCAEOLOGICAL) is .......... . ( a. adjective b. adverb c. noun d. verb)
12. (2/5) means __________ (a. %12.5 b.%50 c. % 20, d.%40 ) 
13. The opposite of (rural) is …………. (a. village, b. urban, c. people, d. citizen) 
14. ______ bring back into your mind. (a. recycle, b. remember, c. reuse, d. return)

Q3/ Read the following sentences then choose the correct choice : (20 marks )

15. As long as you............these children more information, they..........the others.
(a- will give/ask b- give/won't ask c- asked/will given d. giving/will ask)
16. I will never forget this school since it was the place..........I started my education.
(a- when b- where c- who d- why)
17. My brother worked as a volunteer in this program.........he could get extra experience.
( a- in order to b- so that c- for the purpose of d-so as to)
18. Chris Carr asked ______the evidences. 
(a. got, b. get, c. for getting , d. to get )
19. Jim wondered that if they _______.
( a. attacks, b. attack, c. attacking, d. attacked)
20. _______ Liz Ramirez, Chris immediately called his wife to tell her about the meeting.
(a. since writing, b. when completing , c. On leaving, d. before getting)
21. As the population _____, will we face the food crisis? 
(a. rose, b. rises, c. risen, d. rise )
22. People join these sites _______ chat to friends.
(a. in order that, b. so as to, c. for the purpose of, d. so that)
23. If only farmers had used better techniques, they might have ____ the disaster.
(a. avoided, b. avoiding, c. avoids , d. avoid)
24. People would have fresh food in space _____ they used hydroponics. 
(a. as long as, b. when , c. if , d. while)

Q4/ Write a paragraph about "Small Finance Scheme Brings Big Benefits". (4 marks)
Q5/ Q5/Answer the following to write a paragraph about the given topic. (8Marks)
"Ben Gunn and Treasure Island''
Who Found Ben Gunn? What was look like? How did he describe himself? What was his story? What was his plan about the treasure? What did he dream for eating? What did he make? Where was he hiding it? 
"Ben Gunn and Treasure Island''
When Jim found Ben Gunn, he was look like bear or monkey but after a while he was sure that he was a man, a man who was wore an old seaman clothes and a belt around his chest. Then he talked about himself that he was rich and he would give some of his fortune since Jim was the first one who found him, and he said that he has a plan for the pirates because he moved all the treasure to another place, after that asked about cheese who was dreaming about it, during these three years he made about and hid it behind a white stone.

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